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Dear Kids,

Today had a rough start for me. I woke up later than usual from that coma-like sleep that comes from many interruptions in the early hours. I awoke from a dream that had unpleasant emotional consequences. I was doing my best to greet you with a happy face and hugs. We got breakfast on the table (cereal) without incident and I sat down at my computer to research a recipe for lunch before making my own breakfast. Or water. Or coffee.

I was startled by a very sad screech as you, Romeo, in an attempt to drink your cereal, dumped the entire bowl onto your pajamas, your chair, the table and the floor. You were crying loudly because you were wet and the milk was cold and you had lost your “choca milk” as you guys were enjoying a rare sweet cereal treat for breakfast. I felt the anger in me that always boils just beneath the surface begin to bubble up.

I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth and feigned sympathy as I changed your pajamas and hugged you, then got you a fresh bowl of cereal, to be eaten in the high chair this time as at least 1/3 of the dining room was covered in milk/cereal spatter. Our dog, who’s been off grains for several months due to inflammatory joint problems, happily ate the grain-filled cereal off the floor. I had to move the table to the other side of the room to even begin to get all of the splattered milk that was just everywhere. I was so angry that I felt my familiar snippy irritability begin to take over. You three were very cooperative. Melody fetching paper towels and cleaning solution, helping me move the table and clean up the mess. When it was finally done, and the three of you had finished your breakfast, I commanded you to leave me alone for 20 minutes so I could eat my breakfast in peace before I dealt with one. more. thing.

I sat down with my food and posted about the incident on Facebook, which gives me some outlet for my aggravation at times. I finished off the post with a reference to the fact that I still needed to post my “30 days of Thanksgiving” post for the day and was hoping that would give me perspective. And boy did I need some perspective.

While I was eating, you three were in the living room preparing a “show” to cheer me up. I barked once for you to turn the music down to a more tolerable level. I was having trouble looking forward to your amateur singing and dancing show that was supposed to fix my morning. But I told myself it wasn’t all about me and that I needed to engage with you three in a more positive way. We needed this day to have a different tone than what it started with. So I came in and sat down with my precious coffee to see what you had up your collective sleeve.

And that is where God met me this morning.

Melody-you danced and sang to what you knew was one of my favorite songs of all time. “What Do I Know of Holy.” And while I listened to those beautiful words of discovery and surrender and watched your lovely face as you allowed true emotion to wash over you as you danced and sang and interacted, I felt my emotions stirring within me. I teared up as I watched you. You have chosen to follow Jesus for yourself, and I have not fully processed just how thankful I am for that. I am watching you blossom into a young woman of faith. Of principle and of love. And as your love for Jesus and your love for your broken mama were written all over your face this morning, I felt so thankful that you are in my life. And that I have the privilege of discipling you and watching you grow. My heart was bursting with gratitude.

Jubilee-you dance and sang to “Bubbly.” A giggly, happy, sweet song about happy feelings. Your face was alight with the joy of showing me how you could dance and sing. As always, your sweet face just made me smile. And I was so grateful for your freedom. Your happiness. Your worry-free abandon. Even in the face of a cranky mommy who almost cried over spilled milk. Your energy and joy is contagious. And I am so thankful for your smile and your very happy happiness.

Romeo-I am still learning about your little personality. At the moment, you just want to do allthethings your sisters do. And so in the song you three did as a group, you sang and danced your little heart out. All off-key. All off-rhythm, but with gusto and fervor and dimples. And it made me giggle. Because you are so darn cute. And so darn indignant about your littleness. And I just want to smush your little cheeks and hug you all day. And my mama-heart needed to feel that this morning, in the midst of all the crankiness. And so I am thankful for your current littleness and cuteness and fiery-ness. Little third child we had never really thought to hope for in the midst of infertility and miscarriage and ugly pregnancies. You bless our home with a new brand of intensity. And I am so thankful that God knew we needed you.

As you three wrapped up your performance with yet another of my favorite songs, “Beautiful Things” by Gungor, I could not contain my tears of joy and gratitude. I was looking for one thing I was thankful for this morning. Instead, I came to a place where it felt like all that I am thankful for is too much to confine to a mere 30 days of Thanksgiving. I am thankful that God makes beautiful things. I am thankful that you three are a part of the beauty He has made from me. I am thankful for toddler huggles, pre-school giggles and tween drama. I am thankful that God looked inside of me and saw what He deemed the necessary ingredients for the woman who would be your mama. I am thankful that He never stops working in me, changing me and healing my brokenness in ways that bring glory to Him and even more beauty into my life.  I am thankful for my history. Thankful for my story up to now. I am thankful for this life, right now in this moment.

Because this is the moment. And I am aware enough of it to stop and savor it.  We are making memories right now in these all-too-brief years of spilled cereal, living room performances, poopy diapers, schoolwork, morning cartoon snuggles, lice infestations, homemade pizza and movie nights and toddler meltdowns. In the midst of all the chaos and love and imperfection, we are making the memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. As one of our favorite people likes to say, “These are the good ‘ole days.” And my thankfulness today can be summed up in this one sentence.

I am thankful that my God sees all and knows all and above all, knows exactly what I need in this life down to the moment.

And even on the days when I don’t see it, He says I’m worth it. And that in a moment of music and dancing and laughter, a “bad day” can be turned into a day of thanksgiving by a simple choice to look for the joy.

Love, Mama