About Handprints. . .


One day, after I had just cleaned the bathroom mirror, I passed by it a few moments later to discover that my toddler had already put an icky, sticky, prominent hand print right in the middle of it. I immediately became quite irritated, with the usual thoughts of, “Why do I even BOTHER?” going through my mind. As I heard my children giggling in the next room, the thought occurred to me that one day there will be no more little hand prints on my mirror. . .and that thought was met with sadness rather than relief. One day when my house is quiet, I get to actually go to the bathroom alone and my mirrors are much easier to keep clean, I will miss these littles that make my life so full.

And so, rather than wish it away, I have made it my mission to find joy in the imperfection of motherhood. I choose to surrender to the chaos more often than not. . .and while I’d love to say that I’m a perfect example of gentle, consistent parenthood, the term “Survival Parenting” is more accurate to describe my methods of parenting more days than I’d care to admit. I mother through my brokenness, as we all do, some more broken than others. . .but in the rhythm of trying, failing, apologizing, trying to do better, succeeding, failing and trying yet again, I have found that being gentle with myself makes me kinder to my children.

So join me on this journey of mothering through brokenness, finding perfect moments in the midst of imperfection, surrendering to fits of giggles and surviving the rougher days. . striving for a new perspective that makes my bathroom mirror no longer feel complete without a hand print. =)

2 thoughts on “About Handprints. . .

  1. martje van de Meerendonk

    i am touched by your honesty, you are a great source of power for me to start doing and thinking otherwise.
    i have a question, how do you think about unscholing/homescholing

    keep up posting
    love martje


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