From Deadlines to Diapers

In October of 2009, I gave birth to my second daughter.  While out on maternity leave, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and make the financial cuts necessary for me to be a stay-at-home mom.  And so my adventure began.  After the holidays, as life began to normalize, I realized that just like any major life transition, staying at home came with ups and downs.  While I LOVED staying at home with my kids, it was not always the bliss I had imagined.  It’s wonderful. . .and it’s HARD.  If I fail, or don’t do my best, it’s not the organization of my desk that suffers and I don’t just get behind.  It affects my children.  At the same time, I don’t have a supervisor looking over my shoulder keeping me on track.  I found out quickly that a lot of unstructured time mixed with a lot of unstructured things to do, for me was just. . .well, unstructured.

And so, these years later (wow, I’ve been home now for almost 3 and a half YEARS!), I’m still finding that not working a traditional job is very different than I thought it would when first I embarked on this adventure.  With every change in our family structure or schedule, there has been a major adjustment period. I homeschool Melody, but she goes to a school for homeschoolers (I know sounds strange. =)) 3 days per week. Romeo has been added to the mix, and my husband now has a job that requires him to travel out of town for a week, once per month. I am learning to view this family management thing as a dance. When one of our members changes their choreography, everyone else has to change theirs to adapt. But we persevere and the rewards far outweigh the angst.

I’ve had a few people ask me what I do all day. . .or some have asked me to do them “favors” during the week with the clear assumption that I sit on the couch and play on my computer or watch TV all day. I now find this comical. In the beginning when I was still stressed out of my mind because I EXPECTED life at home to be more like that, I didn’t react so kindly to those questions.The last time someone called me and began their query with, “So what are you doing today?” . .because they needed me to do something for them, I simply listed my schedule for the day. It was met with a stammering, “Oh, wow, I didn’t realize you were busy,” and a quick end to the conversation.

So. . .I completely love that I am not bored at home. And I completely respect other moms who have full time jobs and still manage households, too. But I have completely changed my perspective on what it means to be a “stay-at-home mom.” After more than 3 years of experience, I’d liken it more to being CEO of a small corporation, where all the employees may decide to revolt on the same day, some of them still poop their pants, and you can’t fire anyone. The hours are 24/7 and you don’t get sick days, but the dress code is flexible, the hugs are unlimited and tickle fights after breakfast are encouraged. <3

One thought on “From Deadlines to Diapers

  1. Tina Wahoff

    LOVE this post! This is great for those who are stay at home moms, know stay at home moms or are considering being one!


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