Meet My Littles

My sweet Melody – named for a sweet and happy song, my 10 year old is tender-hearted and very aware of the feelings of others. She has her own unique fashion sense, is very creative and intelligent, with a quiet strong will that is not easily swayed by the whims of others. She loves school, singing and dancing, hugs and spending time with her friends and family. She hates bugs, sad movies and being alone. Watching her grow into a tween is both fun and terrifying at the same time. She teaches me that spending time with her is more important than any gift I could give her.

My exuberant Jubiliee – A lively little stinker, she does all things with her whole heart. When she’s mad, she’s really, really mad. When she’s happy, she’s a dancing, giggling joy. She’s my into-everything, full of energy Curious George of a child who definitely makes my life more exciting. I thought I had many aspects of parenting figured out until she came along. At 5 years old, she’s teaching me to love her through waves of powerful emotion, even when they trigger those same feelings in me. My cuddly little fireball, she can brighten even the darkest day with one of her antics or just her smile.

My good-natured little Romeo – at 2 years old, this little guy is my only boy-child. A very colicky baby who taught me that sometimes, all you can do is hold on and take deep breaths because there’s no “fixing” the problem, he has blossomed into a toddler that smiles all the time and flirts with everyone around him. Learning to use his words to tell me what he wants is a rough task right now and often leads to meltdowns and the “screeches” (he sometimes cries, too. ;-) ) As I get to know him better, I am learning that he is my most empathetic child, and when he sees someone with a bad case of the sads, he makes it his mission to offer comfort or an extra binky to make it better.

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