970629_10200895837612522_808500955_nDear Jubilee,

Some days you feel like my little soul-clone. Today is one of those days. We’ve had two weeks of almost constant activity. Including last weekend where we had very little down time. You and I both crave down time. So today, Daddy’s downstairs on his computer, Romeo’s napping, Melody is spending the weekend with Nana, and you and I are in a tangle of legs on the couch. Neither of us want conversation or interaction with one another. Both of us crave physical touch. So here we sit, me on the computer, you watching a show on the iPad, tangled together contentedly, yet separate.

I know we are both deep feelers. I think that’s what leads us to these days where we need nothingness. Emotions can only run that high for so long until a crash is inevitable. So today, rather than continuing to run until we crash, we will sit here together, yet apart, recharging in a way that we both seem to instinctively fall into without conscious thought. And it feels yummy. :)

Love, Mama

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